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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

News Writing and Reporting students continue on for another late night of reporting

One student from Kevin Warneke's News Writing and Reporting class faced a chilly night as he shadowed a Campus Security guard for his after-dark story.

Student Nick Cavallaro shadowed Campus Security Sgt. John Folker after midnight on Nov. 4 to learn about the late-night occurrences and security procedures after hours. Cavallaro walked around campus with Folker to learn about these topics.

While strollling the campus, Folker responded to a theft call made by another security guard.

Folker said the call involved a boyfriend who stole his ex-girlfriend's garage pass. The woman was attempting to enter the parking garage near Maverick Village without her pass. She contacted Campus Security in tears and informed them of the situation. Since she had a pass on file, Folker said Campus Security allowed her access into the garage.

Cavallaro and Folker seen in front of the College of Public Affairs and Community Service building after midnight on Nov. 4 (Andrea Ciurej/UNO).

Folker responds to the garage pass theft call made by another officer after midnight on Nov. 4 (Andrea Ciurej/UNO).

Cavallaro continues his interview with Folker in Campus Security's interview room just before 1 a.m. on Nov. 4, after walking around campus (Andrea Ciurej/UNO).

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