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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day Five: Maverick PR bids farewell to San Diego

Maverick PR students bid farewell to San Diego on Nov. 10 as the conference comes to a close.

View of Holiday Inn on the Bay (Andrea Ciurej/UNO).

Julio Badin, Disney's California Adventure park operations general manager, served as the keynote speaker at the farewell breakfast. Badin spoke the guest relations department at the tourist attraction and how to tackle public relations based upon the philosophies of Walt Disney.

Before take off, Maverick PR members made their final rounds around the downtown area.

Students Andrea Ciurej and Heather Nasif spent their final hours at the San Diego Zoo.

Ciurej and Nasif made a point to explore the giant panda research station.

Giant pandas are sleeping before lunch time (Andrea Ciurej/UNO).

Maverick PR students headed over to San Diego International Airport around 12:30 pacific time by taxi cab.

Students Jessica Legg (left) and Shannon Stawniak (right) wait to board the plane to Denver (Andrea Ciurej/UNO).

The final view of San Diego taken from the airport (Andrea Ciurej/UNO).


If you would like to learn about the events Maverick PR attended at the national conference, or if you are a Maverick PR member looking for information on the sessions you attended, click here.

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