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Monday, November 9, 2009

Day Three: Huffington Post founder addresses PRSA, PRSSA members at San Diego's Marriott Hotel

"The Huffington Post" founder Arianna Huffington addressed about 3,000 PRSA and PRSSA members at the Marriott Hotel in San Diego about her new book and streaming topics in politics on Nov. 8.

PRSA and PRSSA members crowd in front of the room Huffington will be speaking (Andrea Ciurej/UNO).

Janna Brock, President Cassie Prestia, Heather Nasif, Yan He, Jill Sauser and Faculty adviser Karen Weber (left to right) wait in front of the hall where Huffington will speak (Andrea Ciurej/UNO).

After addressing the crowd, Huffington interviewed Wendell Potter, the Center for Media and Democracy's Senior Fellow on Health Care. Potter left his 20-year career as a corporate public relations executive for one of the nation's largest health insurance companies to advocate for health-care reform.

Huffington also held a book signing in the Marriott's San Diego Ballroom following her speech.

Arianna Huffington signing various books she has written for PRSA and PRSSA members (Andrea Ciurej/UNO).

Students Andrea Ciurej and Yan He purchased Huffington's book "Right is Wrong: How the Lunatic Fringe Hijacked America, Shredded the Constitution and Made us all Less Safe (and What you Need to Know to End the Madness)." Both attended the book signing and posed in a photo with Huffington.

Andrea Ciurej seen with Arianna Huffington as she signs Ciurej's book (Yan He/UNO PRSSA).

Yan He (left) and Andrea Ciurej (right) are seen with PRSA President Michael Cherenson after Huffington's speech and interview (Photo courtesy: Andrea Ciurej/UNO).

Before Huffington's session, PRSSA students sat in officer discussions. These discussions were a time for students who hold an executive board position with thier chapter or are interested in holding a position meet with other chapters to share ideas about their position.

Officer discussions were held for the following positions: president and vice president; secretary and treasurer; PR liaision, historian and webmaster; and publications and student-run firms.

Assistant newsletter editor Andrea Ciurej (center) met with other publications officers during a boxed-lunch officer discussions (Photo courtesy: Andrea Ciurej/UNO).

After Huffington's session, professional development sessions were held regarding health care, entertainment and sports, corporate and agency PR and diversity. The sessions following involved investor relations and ethics, hospitality, travel and tourism, the bateman case study competition and speed networking, which Maverick PR attended.

The Celebrity Source's Rita Tateel, president, moderated the panel titled "Entertainment and Sports - 'Entertainment and Sports PR Roundtable.'" The panel featured four professionals, including Harry Medvet, head of public relations for Fandango, and Bill Shaikin, Los Angeles Times sports writer.

The Los Angeles Times' Bill Shaikin meets with students following the entertainment and sports panel (Andrea Ciurej/UNO).

The evening concluded with a Pier Party.

Students gather for the Pier Party (Andrea Ciurej/UNO).

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